We’re Having a baby!!

We're having a baby!

Baby Alessi due December 28th!!


Fed Up

THANK YOU. This issue is finally really getting some attention. So many women’s and fitness magazines tell us that a calorie is a calorie, and eating 1,500 calories worth of low-fat cookies all day is the same as eating 1,500 calories of fruit, vegetables, dairy, and whole grains. It’s simply not! Check this out, and more importantly, EAT REAL FOOD and products only made from real food.

Burrito without the burrito

Burrito without the burrito

I love my bowl from Chipotle! You save so many empty calories by skipping the tortilla. I used to eat my burrito thinking those “bowl people” were crazy. But I finally tried it and I’ll never go back. Brown rice, black beans, sofritas, grilled veggies, corn salsa=heaven!


Today’s workout was “Annie”.  50, 40, 30 20 & 10 double unders and sit ups.  My time 7:14 and my abs feel as if they have been ripped in half.  But on the upside, I did beat my husband’s PR by 15 seconds.  I count that as a win 🙂

Farm Fresh Eggs

Here at Living Uphill, we love our eggs. There is nothing better than a plate of soft scrambled eggs with chives and a touch of marscapone on a raining weekend morning. So when Mel moved to a farm, the first thing she did was get chickens!



Talk about fresh eggs, these things stay fresh for weeks, and look at how cute they are! (Grocery store eggs are on the left).