Our Stories

We are sisters who have followed much different paths on our journey to wellness and fitness and have different preferences, but are all committed to being healthy and strong (not skinny!). We like different workouts and different foods, but when it comes down to it, we all believe in our nutrition program (read about it on our “Why We Share Isagenix” page) and in being active, not just to lose weight but to make our lives happier.

Our nutrition philosophy is simple: Eat Real Food. If it comes from the fruit, veg, dairy, meat, or fish sections of the grocery store, it is probably good for you. If it comes in a can with a cartoon character on it, it’s probably not. When we’re not drinking protein shakes, we all love to try new recipes! Shannon is a pescatarian (a vegetarian who also eats seafood), so most of the recipes we try out are vegetable heavy, if not entirely vegetarian. But we like a variety of foods, and we even eat chocolate cake when we have chocolate cake emergencies (the women reading this will know that is a real thing) though we like to make it ourselves so we know the ingredients are good and it’s not full of unnecessary additives and chemicals, or loaded with sugar.

We are three sisters at different fitness levels with different tastes in food and workouts, but living the best lives we can live is important to all of us. Read more about our stories below.

Mel’s Story– I played basketball in high school and have always been a runner, but nutrition was never much of a concern to me until I started doing Krav Maga, and eventually CrossFit. I was putting my body through the wringer more than I ever had before and I started seeing a huge difference in my ability to get through those intense workouts when I limited carbs and increased my protein. Once I figured out how much more my body depended on protein, things started falling into place and I felt like I was flying through my workouts. I had gained a little weight before I started the nutritional program my sister, Shannon, introduced me to, but once I got with the program I lost 20 lbs in a little over 2 months, and I am still committed to the program because I just get better results than I would without it.

These days, my workouts are focused around running, rowing, and suspension training for strength. I still like to work out hard some days, but I like to *enjoy* my workouts and stop to smell the roses. I’m also the cook of the family, so most of the recipes posted on this site are made by me!

Shannon’s Story- I’ve been an athlete my entire life.  I played competitive volley ball from Junior High all the way through college and then played on co-ed teams for years before finally taking a break.  When I met my husband he started introducing me to “his” sports and I soon started snowboarding, mountain biking and running…. a lot.  Then something changed pretty drastically for me.  I discovered that I had a ton of food allergies including gluten, dairy, rice and soy.  I am also a pescatarian so finding food became a huge struggle for me.  Everything became super complicated and time consuming and I started to develop a really negative view of food.  I would skip meals or eat whatever was easy as long as it wasn’t on my allergy list, but that didn’t mean it was good for me.  The athleticism that had always come easy for me started to disappear and I became exhausted all the time.  It felt like I was starving which I probably was.  I was starving for nutrition.

Then I found Isagenix.  Within 5 days on the products it was like a light switch went off.  I had incredible energy and started sleeping amazing.  This new found feeling of health is what prompted me to start CrossFit and I absolutely fell in love with it.  I am pushed every single day in the gym doing things I never thought possible.  I am so grateful that I found something that truly gave me my life back.

Chelsea’s Story- My story is in progress, mostly because I’m having a baby this summer! Check back later in the year, when I will update this page.







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